Power of decision | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

On daily basis we make decisions and the decisions that we make are the things that eventually make us. We may not see that those little things we are doing today are connected. But in the future, we often find out that every little thing we have decided to do today has some connection with our future.

The decision to sleep a little more does not seem to have any consequence until later when we see that we have slept too much. The decision to eat a little more does not seem bad until the stomach upset sets in.

Do you want to know the power of decision? Well, just take a look at those who have succeeded and those who have failed! It was decision that made the difference. Every little decision you make today is either leading you towards the big picture of failure or the big picture of success.

You must also know that if you don’t decide to do anything, you have indirectly decided to do something. You have indirectly decided to fail so you can’t just stay and say you are doing nothing.

Please take those good decisions today and take them consistently. When you do, you will later realize that all the small right decisions taken today have the power to either make you happy or sad later in life.

Fola Daniel Adelesi
Edible Pen.

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