Fuel the vision │© Fola Daniel Adelesi

If you drive around town you will always remember to fuel your car because if you don’t, the car will not even argue with you. You will just hit the highway and suddenly the car will start jacking and before you know what’s happening, all the lights are off. If you don’t ever want to be stranded that way then you will always drive into the filling station to fill up your tank. You will also ensure that you have enough fuel to take you to where you are going. If you also use gas to cook you always have to fill up your cylinder and probably have a back up cylinder so that you don’t run out of gas while cooking.

Just as it is very important to fuel your car and to fill up your cylinder with gas in order to be able to cook, you need to realize that it is very important for you to fuel your vision. Your vision is also like the car that is supposed to take you to where you are going. The car will only take you to where you are going if you have enough fuel so your vision will take you to your desired destination only if you fuel it properly. One other thing you also need to remember is the fact that if you always allow your car to run low on fuel before refilling, you might just be causing another problem for the car.

Don’t ever allow your vision to be stranded! Make sure your vision is fueled all the time. A stranded vision is also like an engine that does not have enough oil. The engine can be as small as the hinge of a door that will make noise when not properly oiled or the engine of a car that can break down completely when it does not have enough oil. You always have to make sure that your vision has enough oil and here’s what to check to ensure your vision is constantly fueled:

1. Passion – Passion is a great fuel for any vision. If you do not have any passion for what you are doing there is no point doing it. Anything that is done with a lot passion will always stand out from the things that were not done with passion. Having a vision without passion is like taking away all the colours of that vision.

2. Positive words – If you are passionate about something you will definitely speak positively about it. Speaking positive words about your vision is like sowing a seed. What you sow is what you get. You cannot just keep mute on the vision. Talk about it and say what you want to see even before it happens.

3. Personal Development – Developing yourself is a great fuel for your vision. You cannot just conceive a vision and expect that the gift you already have is all you need to make the vision happen. You will need more than what you have right now to take you to where you are going. If you have to go to school please go to school and if you have to move with people who know more then go closer to them.

4. Prayers – You cannot have a vision and be joking with prayers. Prayers can open your eyes more about the vision. From prayers you can get direction. You will know what to do step by step and you can also clear some hindrances on your way before you also get there. Prayer can keep you going where others are stranded.

5. Positioning – everyone with a vision needs to be properly positioned. Being properly positioned means being in the right place. There are times you may be gifted but if the right people do not know you then you may not get much out of life. When the right people see you they can help you or they can patronize your gift. Your vision will also need support and the support will come from people. When you are properly positioned you will get the right people to support. If you are in obscurity nobody will notice you and your vision needs some form of announcement so that you will not just keep struggling in life.

6. Pictures – Some people have said that if you cannot picture a future then you cannot feature in that future. There must be pictures in your head about where you are going to. There must be pictures of what you want to achieve or become in your head. If it is possible you can get printed pictures of those things and pin them on a board where you can see them from time to time. Pictures constantly remind us of things that have happened in the past but with visions, you must use pictures to remind yourself of where you are going. If there are no pictures of where you are going either in print or in your mind, you may not know when you get there.

These six things I have listed are some of the things that can constantly fuel your vision. Be passionate, be positive, develop yourself more, pray, position yourself properly and have pictures in your head.

With these, you can be sure that the engine of your vision is fueled and has enough oil to keep running. Keep fueling your vision!

Fola Daniel Adelesi
fola-daniel – Skype
@foladaniel – Twitter

Fola Daniel Adelesi
Edible Pen.
fola-daniel – Skype
@foladaniel – Twitter


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