March on to greatness! │© Fola Daniel Adelesi

The figures on the calendars are gradually ticking away and slowly but surely the year is also folding up. Just as though it all happened within a blink, I could easily have said it was only yesterday we all said happy new year because we entered 2013 and now it is the first day of the month of March! The year, though still relatively young, has come with a few challenges and surprises for so many. Maybe businesses have turned around for some and others have gotten new jobs or contracts. In my own family, God sent us a beautiful baby girl on the last day in the month of January. We all still have dreams and aspirations spread across the year and hoping they will come to pass! What more can I say for now other than to charge you to March on to greatness!

It does not matter what you have tried in the last two months and have not been able to accomplish. Forget all the challenges on your way and take your eyes of the obstacles that seem daunting. Look on the brighter side and let your brain speak to your legs to March on to greatness. You and I know that there is much more ahead of you than what you have lost in the past! There is far more ahead of you compared to the things you have not been able to accomplish.

Someone once said that the reason we have a calendar is because we need to have an end and a beginning. When things are going really tough, they are also timed and we can be so glad that it is the end of a week or the end of a month and we have another chance to start all over in the new week or the new month or even year. What if there was no new day, new week, new month or year? We will all be in trouble! We would start something and will not have the opportunity to think about the time when we can put things right or just start afresh!

Please take a little time out to plan, rethink, re-strategize in all that you do and make sure that in this new month you definitely March on to greatness! You have to March on to greatness because greatness is in you and you cannot let that greatness slip away! Unleash that greatness this month and let your greatness spark off the greatness in other people.

Always remember that you were wired for greatness and the greatness will find expression in your passion, purpose and skills. Fine tune your passion in order to find your purpose and use your skills to achieve all that needs to be achieved.

Again, take your eyes of the obstacles and walk over them or walk around them! You have a whole new time ahead of you so seize it and March into greatness!

Fola Daniel Adelesi
fola-daniel – Skype
@foladaniel – Twitter
Fola Daniel Adelesi
fola-daniel – Skype
@foladaniel – Twitter
+234 803 416 3006

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