Ingredients of Success 6 – Service │© Fola Daniel Adelesi

It is only possible for you to serve your way to success or greatness if you understand that service is a key ingredient for success. If you do not have a heart that serves then you are not ready to succeed in life. It will be easy for others to remember your acts of service wherever you are at the moment and make reference to it in the future. You either render services to people in a great way to make money from it or you yield yourself to serve completely under other people’s tutelage!

In the eastern part of Nigeria, there is an age long business culture of service which has helped a lot of young people to become successful in life. What they do is that young people will take a look at business men in the society who are already doing well. These young people will agree to serve the business men for a number of years. In some cases, those young men could be required to serve up to seven years! Over those years, the young people who are serving will be placed under strict watch by their masters. It is those successful business people who will now be referred to as their masters! If after the given term of service the young people have proven to be honest and have learnt the business very well, the masters or the business owners will give them some amount of money that will be enough to jump start them in business. These young men will then take the money and use the experience gathered to start their own business doing exactly what they learnt from their master.

In all of the processes, there are only two things that are really important! The first is the fact that a young person agrees to serve under another person and the next is that if the person serves without getting into any trouble, he or she will get some money to start up alone! This business strategy of raising capital has worked for several years in Nigeria and some young people don’t really have to worry about where to get money to start their own business. Once they can serve diligently and retain their integrity, it is certain they will get money to start business. It is a serious message on service and it has proven to us severally that once you are willing to serve you are going to succeed!

The interesting part is that the people who have been trying this model are mostly uneducated people and they have remained committed over the years. You can also choose to serve in the corporate world and get some relevant experience for your career in life but you must be willing to serve at some point of your life! Until you have served other people you cannot be served. Sometimes the idea of serving others is to help you understand how to lead other people. you may learn how not to be a leader while serving people and you can also learn how to be a leader. In the process of service to others, you will be able to equip yourself adequately for whatever you want to do in life. There are certain things that may not be clear to you but they are bound to become clear when you start serving under other people.

There are rewards associated with serving people and I must say that it is not in all cases that the rewards will come immediately as financial rewards! There are times you will serve some people and they may not even pay you your dues but it is possible to meet one person while you are serving that will forever change your life! You may be serving where you are right now because of the known gains you are going to get! You may have been divinely positioned to serve in a place such that when you serve faithfully, someone who is watching might pass a recommendation that you need later in life or someone might even be able to help you immediately into other things that you want in life.

Serving requires deep humility and once you can serve I bet you will be able to succeed in any field! Start serving and start succeeding!

Fola Daniel Adelesi
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Fola Daniel Adelesi
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