Ingredients of Success 4 – Passion │© Fola Daniel Adelesi

I think that passion is a kind of energy deposited inside us by God which can be converted into fuel to drive anything that we intend to do in life. Show me a man without passion and I will show you a dead man because he does not have the power to achieve anything in life. If you must come up with any idea or achieve anything meaningful in life, you will need this intense feeling that requires a lot of wisdom to control and maximize!

The Oxford dictionary says that passion is a very strong feeling of love, hatred, anger or enthusiasm. Interestingly I think that all these words are words that can help you make some money as I have always told people in seminars or conferences where I have the privilege to teach. You can succeed by taking unto what you love doing as a person or making a business out of what you love. You can also take a look at what you hate in the society and because of that hatred proffer solution to the challenges. It’s possible for you to be so angry about something in the society but it is not enough for you to be angry! You have to think about what you can do so that you are not just expressing emotions! What is it that you are so enthusiastic about that you can turn into business?

Passion for technology, software and application is what has translated into companies like Microsoft, Dell, HP, General Electric, Apple, Samsung, LG, BlackBerry, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Nokia and the rest. Passion for quality clothing has translated into Ralph Lauren, Versace and many others. What we refer to as great businesses or global brands today were just ideas on some people’s minds and the fuel that propelled those ideas is called passion! There is no company that you know today that did not experience some sort of setbacks in the growing years but passion will not let them look back and quit! For some people it is just the passion to make life easier for other people. for some others they are just being propelled by the passion to solve problems! Whatever it is, you just must have something that makes you feel happy waking up on daily basis. As for me, I wake up every day and I am looking forward to the next speaking engagement, consulting session, writing period or the next business challenge that another person has that is waiting for my attention. I love helping people to define their purpose, clarify what needs to be done and go ahead to succeed in life!

If you are going to succeed in life I dare say that one of the first things you will have to identify is your passion. Speaking is my passion and I identified it early in life. When I was young my parents and other family members used to say that I was talkative but they did not see a Public Speaker in me. They got tired of me talking too much a lot of times but they could have as well pictured that this young man is a great broadcaster who will constantly be on radio and television. I am not sure they saw that at all. As I grew older and wiser, it became my sole responsibility to properly channel my passion. There could be something you are passionate about and you may be condemned for it now! You may have been condemned for it years back and you have dropped the passion but you have to revive that passion! Your passion is one of your chances of succeeding so you have to revive that passion and think about making the most of your passion!

When you talk too much as a person people can ask you to shut up but when you make some sense while speaking people will ask you to speak on and even pay you when you are done! It is the passion to speak that I have converted into professional speaking and consulting today. I also had to start writing because I had so much to say and so little time to say them in some cases! On the other hand I thought about the need to document my thoughts so that people who are not present in the places I go to speak can also benefit from them!

Your passion is your life! Your passion is the fuel for whatever you will do to succeed! Find your passion and start succeeding!

Fola Daniel Adelesi
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Fola Daniel Adelesi
fola-daniel – Skype
@foladaniel – Twitter
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