Ingredients of Success 3 – Focus │© Fola Daniel Adelesi

If you do not have the ability to focus, you may as well enjoy the frustration that comes with lack of focus! Dr. Mensa Otabil from Ghana was talking about one of his protégés in a leadership conference in Lagos, Nigeria. He said this protégé was so creative that he was always coming up with one idea or the other. When he starts something today, he does not finish it before coming up with a new idea and abandons what he was doing before. When you have too many ideas and do not have the power to concentrate then you are signing up for frustration!

One day when Dr. Otabil’s protégé became frustrated, he returned to him and he was told to pick only one idea and run with that first. He refused to do that and he continued to jump from one idea to the other until he became truly frustrated because he was not getting any result from all that he was doing. When he returned to Dr. Otabil a second time, he admitted he was willing to take any counsel given to him so he was told to forget every other idea no matter how creative they were and only run with just one thing! He tried that and he came back to say, ‘Sir, you have no idea how you have transformed my life.’ He was weeping profusely while saying this because he saw the big difference between having a focus and not having a focus in life.

There are too many people who look like grown-ups but you can tell they do not know what to really do with themselves. Some of them have too many ideas and don’t know which one to pick first and some are running with different ideas at the same time when they cannot handle the pressure required to do different things together.

If you will succeed you need to learn how to take your eyes and heart off too many other things at the same time. It is not a crime for you to have several ideas but when you have such ideas running through your mind, one of the things you can do is to document the fresh ideas and as more ideas come your way, just document. Don’t touch any other thing until the one you have picked becomes a success. When you pick an idea you have to make it your only goal if you want to succeed at it. The same thing applies to people in their careers. If you want to succeed in a career you have to stay at it and constantly improve in the line of that career. When you have to change jobs you have to be so careful not to take another job outside of the career line you have started. There are huge differences between having regular jobs and remaining in a career line. Very many people sometimes forget these when changing jobs and they just look at the money the new job is offering them. Your career goals need to be clear so you know what you are following.

It is important for you to have what I can call strategic friends who can help you remain focused in life. These will be people who mostly talk about the things that are your focus. They should constantly talk about getting to the focus and the skills or knowledge needed to achieve the intended results!

As a student you also must learn to focus and take away all distractions that can hinder you from succeeding. You have to define your academic goals and have a plan to work towards the goals. An instance could be that you will like to make a first class by the end of your programme. In order to make the first class, you have to ask yourself how many courses you have to take and the minimum points you must get in each course. Each course will have an outline showing you the volume that will be covered and the time frame within which you are expected to cover the volume. In this situation, you should ask yourself how much time you have before the examination and what volume you can cover per time. You also need to ascertain the fact that you can easily understand the volumes to be read or you have to consult someone who knows better. Specify the people you have to walk with or consult in order to improve academically. Calculate how much time you have to spend in lectures and how much time you have to spend in study.

I must say that it is a lot of work to remain focused in life! It sometimes will mean that you will deny yourself of what every other person is getting or is bragging about. If you have a financial project you may have to forget about buying a new car immediately or buying some new cloths. You have to be disciplined enough to take your eyes of some pleasurable things in order to hit the financial goals you have to accomplish your financial project. Again, you may need the assistance of trusted friends or reputable financial institutions. The other thing you may do is to consider buying into some long term schemes that will give you peace of mind that your financial future is guaranteed!

Focus is a lot of work in this present world where there are too many distractions but if you want success, you must work at it!

Fola Daniel Adelesi
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Fola Daniel Adelesi
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