Basic Skills for outstanding leadership 9 – Challenges │© Fola Daniel Adelesi

The Yoruba speaking community in Nigeria have a proverb that can be interpreted as ‘the one who has not seen any challenge in life is the person who calls himself a man.’ I think this stems from the fact that there are people who brag about their status and those people also think that the people who are going through challenges are weak people who do not know what to do with themselves. The proverb attempts to help people see that it is really not a great thing for you to brag about being successful or being a know-it-all if you have not had some challenges in life. As an individual, you will have some personal challenges in life and as a leader I should say that challenges are part of the leadership processes!

Before you can call yourself a leader in any place, there are people who want to know the challenges you have faced and the problems you have solved. If you do not have challenges as a leader you need to check what you are doing at the moment and you need to be sure if you are not doing something that’s too small for your mind and hands! Some of the companies that want to employ people today will talk about the ability to take initiatives and the ability to work under pressure. Why do you think that companies will publicly say they want people who can work under pressure? Why not just tell them a part of the demand and let them know the rest as soon as they take up the job? Well I think some companies have to let you know that there will be pressures and you must respond to them because they are actually looking for leaders!

Sometimes it may not be about taking up a job. It could be about you leading a unit of an organization or leading the entire organization. It could also be about you leading a school or even leading your family. You must learn how to face challenges when they come without panicking in the face of the challenges. If you work with some people I must say that you are being paid to face challenges! Sometimes you will have the challenge of the people to work with as a person. You will have to think about getting the right people and you want to be sure that the people you are hiring are not the people who will come and destroy your company or organization. There are times when you will have financial challenges to deal with and then you are thinking about raising money for the organization or paying salaries. In some other cases you may have to think about getting the money to execute projects that you have on your hands! Sometimes some other leaders also face the challenge of delegating to people. it could be that they personally don’t know how to delegate or that they have issues with who to delegate to because of competences or trust. You may also have a challenge as a leader because of some government policies and you may have to start thinking about finding a way around it.

I must say that it is not the challenge that really matters but the attitude that you have towards the challenge. First, you are not expected to be pessimistic as a leader because some of the challenges you will have will be challenges that you have to lead others through. Consequently, you have to learn the skill of being in a challenge yourself and you are still leading other people through the challenge. If you are also going to become successful at facing challenges, you must also be able to see things from different perspectives. Everyone may be seeing a challenge but you must be able to ask if it is not opportunities that are actually presenting themselves as challenges. It does not mean that you will have to do it alone but it is very important for you to learn how to glean from the experience of some of those following you and learn one or two things to face the challenges ahead.

In our experiences as leaders, we will also find out that there are some challenges that will naturally pass away with time and there are some that will only increase if we breakdown in emotions rather than facing the challenges! You need to become tough in your spirit and don’t let anything stop you from achieving what needs to be achieved because the goal of challenges sometimes is to stop you from forging ahead in life!
Don’t ever give up, plan around the challenges and face them head on! A leader will never run away even though the followers can get scared and run away! Keep leading and brace up for challenges!

Fola Daniel Adelesi
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Fola Daniel Adelesi
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