Basic skills for outstanding leadership 5 – Relationships │© Fola Daniel Adelesi

I remember being a student at the Daystar Leadership Academy and one of the key things mentioned under the types of leaders that we have included being a ‘people oriented leader or being a task oriented leader.’ There are some leaders who value the task that needs to be done much more than the people who will help them to get the task done. They really do not care what happens to the people so long as the task is done! Such leaders do not care about relationships as much as they care about the jobs to be done if at all they care about the relationships! As a leader, money or other physical materials will never be your greatest assets and if you think those are your greatest assets then you are already failing as a leader! Human beings or the relationships you keep as a leader will be your greatest assets!

Never treat people like trash or as if they will never amount to anything. I have been in some organizations either as a staff or as a guest and I have seen the way some of the leaders in those organizations treat the people that work with them! You can tell if anyone values relationships with other people or not from the way they relate with other people! When we talking about keeping relationships, you must understand that there are people who are below you and there are those on the same level with you. You also have those that are above you. If you truly understand the value of relationships then you will know that it is foolishness to only cherish the relationships you have with those who are your superiors simply because of the favour you know you might get from them. In my own view, everybody must be treated with equal respect regardless of what you think they can or cannot do for you!

If you constantly think about the future then you will easily realize that those that are already ahead of you are not those who will give you so much in life anymore! It is those that are behind you that will help you and sometimes give you the recommendations you might be looking for in life. Never look down on anyone even when they do not look like people who can help you today. There are those who will never be able to help you but they will promise you heaven and earth and they will look like those who can help you. There are those who will be able to help you but they will never look like those that can help you.

Maybe I should focus more on the relationship between the leader and the subordinates since we are looking at some of the basic skills for outstanding leadership. One of the proofs that you truly value relationships with other people is the way you talk to them. You should learn to talk to your subordinate as a leader in such a way that when they talk to you they will feel more confident. You should also learn to listen to them because sometimes when you listen to younger people, you will get the kind of insights that you never thought they have.

Once in a while as a leader, you should call your subordinates to know how they are doing without talking to them about work. You should let your people know that you value them more than the work they have to do for you. You should never make people feel like things will be done with or without them even though things can be done! One of the greatest reasons people do not show more commitments in the organizations where they work is because they know that the organization does not care what happens to them and if for any reason they do not show up for a while, they will be replaced. It is easier for you to win with people than for you to win with resources as so many people think. You should also learn to take time out and seek to know your people more!

The relationships you are building today will determine how far you will go tomorrow. You will always come across people on daily basis but it is easy for you to think that you will not need those people tomorrow! Let me warn you about the fact that those you think you will not need are those you will need the most so treat people right and make the most of every relationship that you have today!

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Fola Daniel Adelesi
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