Love is a seed │© Fola Daniel Adelesi

Love is a seed and it is one of the greatest seeds available at the disposal of everyone on the face of the earth! like many other seeds, when you sow it you will get a harvest and it does determine a lot of things in your life! You can choose to sow the seeds of love but when you also refuse to sow the seeds of love you need to know that you are already sowing another kind of seed! Sometimes you need to realize that you usually will sow the seeds of love so that you can get love in return when you need it. When you do not sow any love in advance then you will not have anything to harvest and you will be dejected and also feel rejected!

How can you see love as a seed and how can you sow it into the lives of others? It is really very simple and sometimes it is also very effortless! It could also be one of the cheapest seeds you can ever get around because it sometimes comes at almost no cost. Take for instance, what does it cost you to look at someone and just give an encouraging word simply because the person looks discouraged? When you have some money to spare why not consider buying a drink for another person or sowing lunch as a seed into the lives of some other people? Have you ever thought about the fact that someone around you might be so hungry and may not know where the next meal is coming from? There are those who do not need your money and will not even expect you to give them anything. They just want words of encouragement and I would like to ask again, ‘what will it cost you to encourage someone?’ sometimes all you have to do is to even smile at some people!

When you look at people and you offer to help them without them asking then you are sowing love as a seed. You are driving in a direction and someone seems stranded at the bus stop! Since you are going in the same direction it should not be hard to offer a lift! You have cloths to spare and there are some people who do not have more than one cloth then you can call them privately and give them cloths. It is always very important to look for every available opportunity to be nice to other people around you! You just might be going to the grocery store to buy things for your house but you can consider buying some for your neighbor! You may be buying some food stuff but you should note it may not be a bad idea to think of someone around who might need the same thing and you can buy and extra pack for that person. Those are ways you can turn love into seeds and sow into the lives of people. Love is about giving but it is not only about giving physical things. In some cases you may consider spending time with some people who just feel lonely! When you show love to others be rest assured that it will come back to you.

Love is a must for all of us as a seed and the reason should not be far-fetched! You may find yourself in a strange land and need help from other people. You may not know who to talk to but if you have been sowing love as a seed then that strange land may be one of your points of harvest where people can pay you back for the love you have shown other people! Sometimes some people will want to take decisions concerning you and you may not be there at all! You may never know about that decision that needs to be taken and you may not know when it needs to be taken but if you have shown love to others in life at some point, you may be getting your harvest in the form of someone standing up to fight for you among those who will take the decision. The person does not have to know you and may not even have any personal interest in your case but may just fight for you. That’s your seed of love working for you in matters that concern you!

Start sowing the seed of love today in case you have not started and don’t get tired of sowing so that you can harvest from your love seeds ceaselessly! Let me say that ‘the favour you sometimes receive is a measure of the love you have shown others in the past so you can sow more love to provoke more favour!’

Fola Daniel Adelesi
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Fola Daniel Adelesi
fola-daniel – Skype
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