So the beautiful ones have still not been born! | (C) Fola Daniel Adelesi

As a student of Literature in the prestigious Mayflower School, Ikenne Remo in Ogun State, I studied texts like Merchant of Venice, Murder in Cathedral, Lion and the Jewel but there was one other one that stood out and it was titled ‘The beautiful ones are not yet born.’ It was written by Ayi Kwei Armah, a Ghanian who tried in his text to capture the irony of corruption by talking about issues of integrity an character as though they were the things that made us beautiful or ugly.

He talked about corruption in high places and how those who were so corrupt were getting away with all the big deals and how those who did seemingly insignificant things were rotting in jail! From his text, you would see how the net of the law was tiny enough to catch the mall fishes and still big enough to let the big fishes go off. For those who are not students of literature of perhaps you never read the book, the small fishes referred to ordinary citizens who were being unjustly punished or at best, you could say it was a situation of pulling out a double barrel gun to kill a cockroach! On the other hand, the big fishes were the elites and corrupt office holders who did unimaginable things, stole from the nation’s treasury and all they ever get was just like pinching someone who killed or giving a slap as the punishment for a murderer!

Recently the case of a police pension boss came up in the country having been accused of embezzling 23.3 billion naira meant for police pensioners! Many thanks to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission that arrested the pension thief and charged him to court but unfortunately that’s the best they could do! The next thing was for the law to take its full course through a supposedly trusted judicial process! That was when it was revealed again that the beautiful ones are not yet born! The presiding judge in a case of corruption involving 23.3 billion naira asked the culprit to pay a fine of 750,000 naira only on go to jail for only two years after pleading guilty and to forfeit a house that’s only worth 325 million naira! How ridiculous? But that’s exactly what happened!

What happens to the rest of the billions? Was the judge in the right frame of mind? How come the revelations of Ayi Kwei Armah about the beautiful ones not being born is still true till now? Why are the bigger fishes getting off the hook when the small fishes have no escape route?

We cannot sit and just watch the ugly ones continually destroy a nation that we all are building! It is our collective sweat that has translated into fortunes for the nation and so we must fight with every bit of energy left in us to see that the big fishes are caught and we dry up the water giving them enough life to still swim! If the fishes have enough tactics to get off our hooks, we must also ensure we dry up the river!

The beautiful ones must be born and we must enjoy what we worked for! Stand with us today in drying up the river that the big fishes swim in!

Fola Daniel Adelesi
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Fola Daniel Adelesi
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