Praying against Mountains or finding a way around them? │© Fola Daniel Adelesi

While some people are spending their most productive time praying against a mountain, I keep wondering why it has not come to their understanding that they could find a way around the mountain instead of praying against it! There are so many things in this life that have to be in our way while trying to achieve what we intend to achieve! Some of them will be with a purpose and only a few will be without a purpose. When you pray against certain mountains to move, they may move and end up giving you bigger problems! It is also possible that you do not know there would be bigger problems if those mountains move so you really want them to move! Think about it again! If you were actually praying against a physical mountain and you want it to move, it’s possible that it will move to another route that you will need again in the future! Mountains in this context represent the day to day challenges that you are facing in your offices or with whatever it is that you do!

When some challenges come it will not be wise to pray against them because we must have heard severally that opportunities come in form of challenges so it is possible that you are praying against some of the opportunities that you have been praying for in your life. When we pray for opportunities to come our way we should also remember that those opportunities may not come looking as opportunities. As a matter of fact, if those opportunities come looking like real opportunities, people may just start saying that you were so lucky. They will think your opportunity was a mere coincidence because they cannot see any physical effort of yours that led to the opportunity! It will be a different game entire if you were faced with a challenge and you stood by the challenge until it was unveiled as an opportunity!

There are certain things you have to face right now and they may not be so encouraging but you have to continue because you think you don’t have a choice and deep down you are wishing that challenge away. One of the things you need to note is that when challenges come, they will come in to check your stability and also to prune you. Challenges come to refine you and you will have the opportunity to prove yourself in the face of that mountain. You may be small but you don’t have to be intimidated! I have also heard and I think you may have heard as well that ‘it is not the size of the dog in the fight but the size of the fight in the dog!’ That’s a simple way of saying you should never underrate a dog because it looks small! It can be fiercer than you think!

As you go about your daily business, let those mountains also be told that it is not your size that matters! Let them realize that you also have some fierceness in you as a person and you can face things head on to resolve them. In all of these, the key thing I would want you to focus on is that there are mountains you do not have to pray against! All you just need to do is to find a way around them. When you do, others may even see you as a superstar because they would have been there as well praying against that mountain and they will turn to you for solutions!

I think the reason you have also come across these thoughts of mine today is that you have some challenges you are facing right now and those challenges are about to bring you the luck you have always wanted! Keep your eyes on the big picture! Take a look at how different things can be and find a way around those challenges that you can also offer to others as solutions!

Fola Daniel Adelesi
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Fola Daniel Adelesi
fola-daniel – Skype
@foladaniel – Twitter
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